Artistic Director | Atelierista

Sara is the driving force behind Rascal Robot - maker of fun, sharer of knowledge, and lover of learning new things.
Sara is like an art mother duck with a trail of creative ducklings following her around. She hopes to one day have actual ducklings following her around but is happy with baby chickens for now.




Em is our newest addition to the Rascal team. Her sewing and fashion design skills are amazing and she started her own handmade accessories business - Everyday Lobes, too. 
Emily is fun and creative and already a hit with our young artists.


President - Elisha Deegan

“If you met me and asked ‘what do you do?’ I’d tell you I’m a nurse. I wanted to be a nurse from the age of 14 or 15 and pursed that dream with one eyed determination. However life had other plans, and in the first trimester of my first pregnancy I had a life changing stroke and was thrust quite harshly into the world of health care consumers and disability.

My career aspirations were put on hold for seven years while I rehabilitated, raised my daughter to full time school age and prepared myself to re-enter the working world again. I use my nursing degree to advocate for people with disability and ensure that the healthcare provided to them is of the highest standard. I have moved away from hands on nursing and now focus on research.

In the time spent away from nursing raising my daughter, I learnt to do things in a more considered way, slowly and with more patience. Art and creative expression had taken up much of our time together - as a Mum who was unable to run around or be overly physical with my daughter, we turned to this as a way to stay busy. Both of us have benefited greatly from this as we have both found new ways to calm our busy minds and wind down after hectic or stressful days.

So if I was to describe myself I’d say, Nurse Researcher, Artist, Passionate, Advocate and a wee bit Crazy.”

Vice President - Sara Ferrington

"Uh oh, I've got to say more about me? Well...I'm a Lifelong Learner which is a nice way of saying continual university drop out. I've worked in business and project management for most of my adult life, and I'm a serial entrepreneur. Along the road, I've had 3 children - Myles, Cyrus, and Tilly - and lots of adventures. 

I feel the most normal when I have brightly coloured hair, and the most myself when I'm experimenting with ideas and materials in the studio. But I also love pushing the limits of my brain by solving problems from sudokus to balancing budgets and fixing cars."

Secretary - Jo Palmer

Jo Palmer MLC is the elected member for Rosevears, current Secretary of Rascal Robot, and sworn in as Tasmanian Minister for Women, Minister for Disability Services and Minister for Primary Industries.  Jo lives with her husband and children in West Launceston.


Jo has supported her community in Ambassador roles for sick or traumatised children, people with disabilities and medical research. She is a Tasmanian of the Year recipient for her charity work. Jo is proud to be a board member of Rascal Robot.

Treasurer - Lauren Barker

Lauren is a registered BAS Agent and holds a Diploma in Accounting as well as a Certificate IV in Business. Lauren started out studying Education but The Numbers always spoke to her, leading her to pursue studies in finance and start her own business as a Bookkeeper in 2013. When she’s not crunching numbers, she can be found doing literal crunches  (she is also a qualified Pilates Instructor), or training in the gym as she boasts a National Powerlifting title as well as a Ms. Figure Classic, Tasmania Natural Bodybuilding title.

Public Officer - Dan Kershaw

Dan is a semi-regular at the Studio as a guest artist covering sculptural workshops. In his regular job he is a Disability Support worker, helping people living with disabilities to live their best lives. The best part of being the Public Officer? The rubber stamp he gets to use on important documents.

Member - Bek Reed

Member - Suzanne Derry